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Iron Eagle Feathers by Pheil Forges

Blacksmithing terms::

Collared items two pieces of metal held in place with a metal wrap or strap. The collar is decorative in nature but serves the purpose of holding two pieces in place.

Flat spots in scroll work are predominant in machine bent scroll work. It will always have a flat spot on the end where they clamp it before they bend it cold. 

Hand forged work is bent hot over a form or is hand hammered over an anvil and rolled up hot with a hammer, requiring much more skill but producing a more beautiful product

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Memorial cross

This elegant cross was custom made for a client in memory of his mother. 

It will be displayed at St Helena's Episcopal Church in Boerne, Tex.

It will be on a granite pedestal in the Columbrium (north side of church).


line separating different types of custom crosses for home, church

Crucifixion Nail Crosses

Crucifixion Nail Cross  Crucifixion wall cross by Pheil Forges  Closer view of Crucifixion Nail Wall Cross
Crucifixion Nail Wall Cross is 4 1/2 feet tall and constructed of 1" square bar stock

forged iron crucifixion nail wall crossDecorative iron wall crosses

Crucifixion Nail Wall Cross (left, middle): Central spike is a true and accurate reproduction of a Roman crucifixion nail.  Each wall cross is approximately 12 to 13 inches tall.  Cross members go through a punched hole while the metal is hot, to hold them in place.  $58.00
Crucifixion Wall Cross (above right): Made from steel 1/2" thick and 1" wide. Cross member is split from top to bottom with a chisel and then opened up to allow another 1/ x 1 inch piece to go through.  These pieces are held in place by the nails on each side.  $165.00

line separating crucifixion nail crosses handmade

Any iron cross is available in a copper finish for an additional $20. 
Crosses shown are also available without the base if you prefer them for wall decor
solid iron hand forged friedrich crossSplit or Freidrick Crosses for tables
L-R: Flared Ends Cross, Simple Table Cross, Ornate Table Cross, Flared Ends Split Table Cross

Split Crosses (Friedrich Crosses) are made from one piece of 3/4" square bar - not welded or cut. They have a hammered texture with a sanded pewter finish and measure approximately 14" tall and 7" wide.
Flared Ends Cross: $65
Simple Cross: $95.00
Ornate Cross: $135.00
Flared Ends Table Cross: $115


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